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Little Ruby... are you chewing on that quilt?!

Holy Smokes, my first blog post. How did I get here?

I couldn't think of any other way to start this.

I really just want to talk about a little quilt repair.

We love quilts. We use quilts. We occasionally have a spot that gets torn or [clears throat] gets chewed on by an adorable furry friend. It happens. We sprinkle the magic dust over it (usually mom's never ending supply of loose threads from the sewing studio) and call it character. All joking aside though, let's get into how I repair quilts.

Step one: Access the damage. How bad is it? Let's see what we can tack back down and trim up what we can't.

Step two: Make your patches. My favorite way to patch a quilt is with 1 inch hexagons. I keep a bunch of EPP (English Paper Piece) Hexagons made for quilt repair and other little projects. It's a great "while you watch TV" activity. Sew a few together to cover the bigger tears or holes.

Step three: Arrange your patch and pin into place. Here's where the fun really begins: you can hand stitch your patch into place or do it my way and machine stitch that little hexi into place. Don't forget to back stitch at the beginning and end.

I don't fuss about the stitches being seen on the other side-- I mean, it just had an entire hole and now there isn't. With my next repair, I'll make a video and share it here or rewrite this blog post to include pictures and examples. I really just needed a place holder since I've reworked the entire site. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Love y'all!


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