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Ruby Roux

Ruby recently celebrated her 6th birthday with a mini Lemon Cream Pie and a wiggly snuggle in my favorite quilt. She's almost always a happy girl.

When we get our brick and mortar, I hope to have a small wall dedicated to portraits of her that the kids have created over the years. 


I was inspired to make my first quilt after a tractor show in 2009. I was swept into this amazing whirlwind of beautifully colored fabric and notions like a cartoon princess that talks to animals- you know the ones. It was just like that-- I swear. I jumped right into the sewing community as a self taught quilter, making fitted crib sheets, baby quilts, and other nursery essentials. I made custom quilt work, quilt repair, and vintage quilt finishing my career.​

With over a decade of experience, I established Ruby Fabric Company. I love everything I was already doing, but I want to do more. I want to show y'all my favorite fabrics and notions, teach all this cool stuff and great techniques I've learned, and I want to put my own patterns out into the world. I'd love to have you along for the ride as we grow from a happy little online shop into something amazing.

Patterned Fabrics
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